JAMLAB Podcast Hosting

Australian based Managed Podcast Hosting that provides access to industry leading tools. No bandwidth limits, free audio optimisation, automatic intro/outro insertion, automated transcription and more. Join today for $19.99/mth

Taking podcasting to a new level!
For only $19.99/mth


JAMLAB will help you get your podcast sounding and looking its best. From understanding the basics, to providing complete post production services.


The magic part. Once you submit your episode, JAMLAB provides access to the best tools in the trade. Audio Optimisation, automatic transcription and more.


It’s your content, and at JAMLAB your data is too. You have unfiltered access to all your analytics to help understand and target your audience.

What JAMLAB can do for you

Podcast Hosting

Secure, rock solid and fast podcast hosting. JAMLAB Managed Podcast Hosting uses the same infrastructure that runs YouTube, but on your terms.

Post Production

A new age of post production. JAMLAB wants to uncomplicate post production by giving you access to an automated workflow that optimises your content.

Get Ahead of the pack

With JAMLAB, your podcast will see increased opportunities. Deep link to products, add chapters & transcripts to make your content searchable.

Global Distribution

JAMLAB will list your podcast on all the leading podcast directories & any directories you nominate. Your podcast will be available on any device, anywhere.

INSIGHTS & adivce

You own your content, so why should someone else own your data? JAMLAB provides unfiltered access to your analytics data to help you grow your podcast.


Feel like you are out of your depth? JAMLAB will help you get up to speed with podcasting and how to grow & engage with your audience.

Break it down for me

JAMLAB is an Australian digital solutions agency. With over 15 years experience in broadcast media, there are a few tricks that can be shared with everyone. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can get on board with the big players!

Your podcast will be hosted on the Google Cloud and delivered globally using the Google EDGE Content Delivery Network. What does that mean? Your podcast uses the same infrastructure that powers YouTube. Global access with the fastest load time, because your content is cached to where it is needed!

On top of industry leading hosting, you will have access to an automated post production workflow that will make your podcast more polished, sounding great and have a bigger reach than the rest.

How it works, is you upload your latest episode to JAMLAB and in the time it takes for you to fill out the episode details, your episode will have been optimised for all devices. Automatic audio processing reduces background noise, loudness normalisation to broadcast standards and support for multitrack productions.

On top of great sounding audio, JAMLAB includes free automated transcription. Powered by Google’s Speech API, over 80 languages are supported and built-in editing tools are available to fine tune the transcripts. Your transcript will be embedded into your podcast file for platforms that support subtitles.

Want more? Well… unlike others, JAMLAB doesn’t restrict what content you create. Full support for all leading codecs & enhanced podcasts means you can grow without worrying about the future limitations of your hosting platform. Add video to your workflow, or go for gold and enhance your podcast with chapters & deep linking to products.

Want to know how your podcast is performing? At JAMLAB you have complete, unfiltered access to your insights and analytics data. You will be able to fine tune your podcast to maximise your reach, using the data from how people access your podcast.

Don’t know what you are doing? Then you have come to the right place. JAMLAB will help you navigate the complexities of podcasting, by teaching you the basics or all the way through to high quality productions. To get started you can download the FREE Podcasting 101 course that gets you up to speed on what you need to establish a podcast.

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